Wednesday, February 08, 2012

oh, in my white coat!

I started my very first clinical this week. It's my "normal newborn" practicum and I'm over-the-moon to be wearing my shiny, new white coat to dress the part of my new role! It reminded me of one of my very first posts evaaah like four thousand years ago when I entered my final year of nursing school and no longer had to wear those alarmingly white scrubs! I've written my first set of {real} orders! I attended a delivery today and I can't even tell you the feeling {Well, I cried if that gives you a clue!} of getting to hand a new dad {he was crying, himself!} their healthy baby and say, "She's perfect! Congratulations!" The NNP I'm following also runs the NICU {yup, all by her badass self. No doctor is even in house.} and I'm learning a lot there, too. Like how to tell a family we suspect their baby might have extra special chromosomes... it's a bittersweet place, the neonatal i.c.u. 

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