Thursday, February 05, 2009

the ceremony.

Much like at my graduation from nursing school last spring, I walked across a stage and received my diploma, was pinned with the Magnet pin and then read the Magnet Oath. It's an honor to work at a Magnet hospital; only 3% of hospitals in California and only 5% of hospitals in the US are recognized as being a magnet hospital. It was super special when Mary Dee Hacker, our CNO, gave us each a replica of the "two-story house" that was the first CHLA building in 1901 which only had one (volunteer) doctor and a few nurses. Later on, I got to talk to Mary Dee at our luncheon and she told me she drove out to California in 1975 with her college roommate after getting snowed in for two days at the hospital she was working at in the midwest. Much like me, she had never even been to Cali before she made the move across the country with her college roommate! ha.

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