Sunday, February 08, 2009

self-indulgent scones & pretentious pie.

Today Carly and I hosted our second S.P.I. meeting disguised as a tea party complete with cucumber sandwiches, hummus and self-indulgent scones ... I was kidding about the self-indulgence, they were lemon poppy seed but I can't help but feel like we should be serving slices of pretentious pie with our cups of vanilla caramel truffle tea when we gather for these meetings. Like always (and by always, I mean just like at the last meeting) we started out with our cocktail chatter (Obama's economic stimulus plan, abortion clinics in Miami, ways to go green...) we then each presented a new vocabulary word before endorsing such things as brazilian waxes, skype, podcasts (they're free on Itunes... seriously, they're cool!) before we moved on to our homework assignment: creatively describing another member of the group.... Angie told a story about "Olivia Wilde", Lindsay's Parisian alter ego, here Lindsay is pictured reading her Native American fable about a crow who finds herself (complete with tribal music) to Angie, I made a scrapbookesque frame to show Carly's beauty and creativity and she wrote this fabulous piece about me:

If she were a quote she'd be "Everyone is the hero of their own story."
If she were a good deed she'd be volunteering.
If she were a place she'd be Sorrento, Italy.
If she were a class she'd be leadership.
If she were a disaster she'd be a tornado, just look at her room.
If she were a common courtesy she'd be saying good morning.
If she were a body part she'd be a smile and an ear and an eye, she'd be a face, without the nose.
If she were a lyric she would be I'm slow to trust but quick to love.
If she were a form of exercise she'd be a sprint.
If she were a song she'd be Akon's remix of She Talks to Angels by the Black Crowes.
If she were a magazine she'd be People.
If she were an abstract concept she'd be a wish.
If she were a tree she'd be a bonsai, hard to take care of but worth the effort.
If she were a feeling she'd be excitement.
If she were a bad habit she'd be eavesdropping.
If she were a reaction she'd be overreaction.
If she were an emotion she'd be love.
If she were makeup she'd be blush.
If she were a sound she'd be a giggle.
If she were an inanimate object she'd be a camera.
If she were a time she'd be last minute. 
If she were media she'd be a blog.
If she were a cliche she would be perseverance in the face of adversity.
If she were an adjective she'd be caring.
If she were an adverb she'd be cheerfully.
If she were a preposition she'd be despite.
If she were a way to kill a cat she would be curiosity.
If she were a piece of paper she'd be a greeting card.
If she were a pitch she'd be high.
 If she were a color she'd be pink, and glittery.
If she were a relative she'd be a mom.
If she were footwear she'd be a running shoe.
If she were a dessert she would be a cupcake with sprinkles.
If she were a pattern she'd be a polka dot.
If she were a person she'd be the kind you want in your life.


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