Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter babies.

Two of the most important people in my life share the same birthday today. Kara and I celebrated her birthday together (Happy 24th Birthday!) for 12 days in LA last week and this week, my biff Megan and I are celebrating her birthday together in the district (Happy 23rd Birthday, Megalina!). We've stayed up super late every night talking (it's what we do best!) and here's what we've come to the conclusion of so far: We have been best friends for half our lives (11 and half years!!) and in that time I have adopted her parents, ate her lunch everyday in middle school, spent every weekend perfecting screwdrivers and prophesizing about our futures (and everyone's around us, too) in high school, spent college psychoanalyzing our (past, current and future) relationships in between summers abroad and March of Dimes wine tastings. This past year she moved to DC to selflessly serve in Teach for America while obtaining her masters at George Mason and planning the wedding of the century which will take place this fall. MALYTAB

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The Eyre Family said...

So, I am stalking your blog! ;0) I am so glad you all had a nice visit! I really miss them! Can't wait for the wedding exciting!