Sunday, April 26, 2009

rave reviews.

When I think about living somewhere other than LA (which seems to cross my mind a lot lately!), there are two things that I know I will miss the most... the amount of incredible live music permeating throughout local bars, clubs, lounges on any given night of the week and the amount of talent that comprises the local theatre scene in Los Angeles. I've always associated Broadway with New York City and was very impressed by the amount of local productions that take place here... as equally as fabulous as the plays in NYC! Lots of the time, plays have a run here before they even go to Broadway. I often blog about the concerts I attend but I've never really been able to find the words to describe all the plays Carly and I go to in random, little theatres around LA. Back in October, we went to a play called Angry Young Women in Low Rise Jeans with High Class Issues. The title alone makes you laugh but the play itself was hilarious discussing issues such as a modern day burning of the bras by cutting off the thong that she hates that she is expected to wear, the mood swings associated with taking birth control and what happens when women with great fathers expect that men can actually be trusted. When Kristy was here, we went to a naked musical called Hangin' Out which the entire cast (3 guys and 3 girls) were completely nude the entire show as they pranced around on stage exploring all themes associated with being naked (arousal, self-esteem, body image, etc.) My favorite number was entitled "In a Nut Shell"... I'll let your imagination tell you what it was about...   On Friday, Carly and I headed back to Theatre Row on Santa Monica to be a part of Point Break Live! a hilarious remake of the movie (which starred Keanu Reeves, a terrible actor indeed). I can't even put into words how much fun we had in a poncho-clad audience being a part of the bank robbing, Zen-mastered surfer dude, sky diving, homoneurotic atmosphere! Holding an open audition at the beginning of the show to play Johnny Utah, the part was executed beautifully when a random audience member delivered Reeve's lines with just about as much talent as Keanu did in the movie. The night was amazing!! =) 


Carly Hallam said...

Homoneurotic? Is that like a show with a bunch of anxious gay guys? I believe homoerotic is the term you were searching for. Regardless, Point Break Live! was amazing fun!

Megan and Danny said...

Haha. OMG Carly that comment honestly made me laugh out loud!