Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Kara, Carly, Sydney and I did a lot of laughing, dancing and dreaming last week attending a taping of the Ellen Show! Acquiring tickets to ELLEN show is quite difficult and required Kara stalking the website the weeks before they were available to obtain 4 coveted seats (in the front row, might I add) but it was definitely worth it! Ellen is hilarious and her amazing studio is practically in my backyard (if backyards existed in LA). We laughed with Ellen (you may have seen our laughs on TV), danced with Ellen (before the show, between every commercial break and even all the way off the lot back to the car) and dreamed with Ellen (working the night before and spending all day at the taping before returning to work that very same night, I was quite delusional at the taping and could have fallen asleep standing up if I wasn't laughing and dancing so hard!) Hardly ever sleeping these days, I feel like I now have 14 day weeks being awake all day and working all night.. I have adopted the new life motto of "awake is the new sleep" for I never stop. Take today for instance: Woke up at 10:30, did 3 loads of laundry, swiffered the apt, mailed my Easter packages at the post office, ran thru runyon canyon, ran to Target, played Easter bunny, packed, cleaned my room, repacked so I am only bringing one suitcase, updated my IPOD for the plane, blogged, unpainted my nails (I can't have nail polish on at work), packed my lunch box and now I am off to work tonight and then catching a flight to Washington, DC in the morning after my 12-hour shift for 6 fabulous days with Megan and Danny (and the Gallos!) where I am sure we will do lots more laughing, dancing and dreaming. Thank goodness I don't have a boyfriend... where would I find the time to be in love?

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