Tuesday, April 21, 2009

inner vagabond.

I made a pact once. Eight years ago to be exact. Partially a plight with others but mostly a promise to myself. A solemn vow to not let my history define my future. An eternal oath to never let the fatal cynicism of defeatists influence my ability to succeed. An individual entente to always look forward. Forward to tomorrow. To a challenge. To a dream.
Where does one begin when they feel like they are at the end? The world is your oyster; set out in search of the pearl.
Where does one find comfort when they reach a plateau of perseverance? Focus on the positive for the greatest optimism can manifest from the most trying tribulations if you have the right glasses on to see it... you know, the rose-colored ones.
How do you find solace in uncertainty... the only thing constant is change? Everything happens for a reason; simply live to find out why. Value the lessons learned and look to the bright side. Embrace change... happily.
Seize everyday. Have no regrets. Be in the moment. Flirt with karma. Love with reckless abandon. Find the inner vagabond in you.
Not all who wander are lost, after all.

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