Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I have put off posting pictures of Jess' visit in hopes to add the pictures that she took while she was here to the video but it's been almost a month and the impatient blogger that I am has given up... here are the highlights of when she was here (including a video of what it's like to ride a tandem bike down steep hills to the beach after happy hour...) We went to Pantages theatre to see Grease! is the word .. an adorable musical complete with Taylor Hicks as Teen Angel (who came out for an encore performance at the end!) 
We went to a UCLA gymnastics meet (one of our favorite things to do in college!) and enjoyed mani/pedis in Burbank. We soaked up the sun and shopped in the adorable beach town of Laguna and visited Huntington where her Mum grew up. We met Paige for great sushi and hockey at the Staples Center downtown. We were pulled on stage VIP-style at Jay Leno. We hiked through the hills and took many moments just to reminisce... there's no one I can laugh more with than her! It was a fun-packed five days that went by way too fast. I keep trying to convince her to move to Cali (CHLA is hiring!) and I promised to split the $5000 bonus with her that I would get for recommending a quality employee to an understaffed not-for-profit hospital. Our ED needs you, Jess! It's for the kids! ... I'll be honest, it's for my health too. Do you know how hard it is to live with a fourth of you missing? 

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