Monday, January 31, 2011


It's Monday again... and Reese + I are doing all kinds of celebrating around here... again!
We are celebrating the beginning of a new week + the brink of a new month + all the possibilities that both of those fresh starts hold... starting with a fresh cup o'coffee, fresh crisp linen, fresh coat of pink paint on my nails + a fresh bouquet of flowers.
We are celebrating a very, special birthday... our favourite lady is turning another year younger today + in her honour, we are bakin' cupcakes + rockin' out to Pandora's Justin Timberlake Station... who is lucky enough to share his bday with the dimepiece I call Grams--who has been bringin' sexy back since 1942!! ...
... all while, simultaneously celebrating the highly anticipated arrival of a new, tiny cousin whose predicted birth day is this week!
We are celebrating my acceptance in to a graduate program + the discovery of the perfect red lipstick + finding the courage to rock it... must come along with the territory of being a master! oooo... I can't wait for all the other super powers I'll acquire... I hope shapeshifting, XRAY vision, time travel + waterbreathing are in the mix!
We are celebrating my upcoming weekend adventure by packing all the eclectic "pieces" of my {mismatched} wardrobe in to the rose-patterned, purpley suitcase Santa Claus brought me... to do a little soul searching in the nation's capitol with the girl who has been my best friend since the beginning of time... + by that, I mean middle school age when you found out who your real friends were by taking note of who had stuck by your Limitedtootrainingbraclad side at the end of your awkward stage... Hanson t-shirts, jnco jeans, tin lunch boxes + all, this girl has been next to me through everything! MALYTAB

aaand... i'll be soaking up every second of it as this might be my last sporadic road trip in which I get to galavant to some random corner of the Earth + entirely "let go" for a weekend + immerse myself completely in the wonderful little lives of those I love... and cling tight to them... and borrow their hearts... and relish in laughter... and spin in circles... and ride unicorns... and smile at their surreality.

before I have to re-enter that world they call real...

... but I'm okay with it. I've mended, enough. I'm celebrating. I'm refreshed... + good gracious, this carpe- diem-culture-loving-can't-sit-still-craver-of-change-creativist is ready.

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~Rachel said...

So much to be happy about in your post!
First-your niece is gorgeous...absolutely scrumptious!
Second-Yay for new beginnings at school. Where will you be attending girl?
And personal favorite-you get to see the beautiful Megan and my little brother! I am very jealous!