Monday, January 24, 2011

vintage is the new {new}.

A wonderful quality about Knoxville is its close proximity to awesome people, cool places + all things fabulous! To my heart's delight, I hopped in my car on Friday + made the two-hour drive to spend this past weekend in a really rad city {Nashville} with some of the best people {Jess, Seth + Liz} and we did some pretty {damn}fabulous things together!

Top of the list: a vintage market.
I was rather skeptic when Jess said we were going to a "flea market". We spent the whole morning eating a yummy peanut butter & banana bagel + sipping the most delectable lattes + shopping in the cutest boutiques {although our shopping mostly consisted of us taking pictures of handmade items we would like to make ourselves!} in an adorable part of NashVegas called Hillsboro Village + I just couldn't get excited to go walk around in the cold at a "flea market"...
Jess kept assuring me that it really shouldn't be called a "flea market" in the traditional, Florida sense of the word where I was once forced to blend smoothies every weekend for a brief period in my life when my mom decided she was going to moonlight on the weekends as a smoothie kiosk owner... now that I'm rehashing it, maybe I haven't fully recovered from that traumatizing experience?

I digress.
We arrived + I immediately starting swooning over every random table I laid my eyes on!! It was simply fantastic! I'm pretty positive if I had more than $8 cash and a house {of my own} to decorate, I would have bought one of everything!! There was old cameras + clawfoot tubs + distressed furniture + vintage jewelry + this amazing metal peacock in all its metal plumage glory that if I thought I could safely strap to the top of my car to get it to where I'm going (still have not a clue where that be, for anyone who is concerned), I would have snatched it up in a {feathery} heartbeat!
It was such a wonderful way to spend an afternoon perusing through bins of beads + mason jars + old telephones + (re)discovering all the treasures that remind me of my days playing the piano in Grandma Kramer's basement!!

Vintage is the new {new}.

Seriously, google it. Find a fancy flea market in your area. (That includes you, random but awesome reader from Russia!) You won't find anywhere else where you get to pose with sequined mannequins  in one tent + kiss J.F.K. in the next!! I bet my new-old Handy Hanna Hair Dryer you won't regret it! =)

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