Thursday, January 13, 2011

UT vs. UF

Last night, Creed, Kara + I went to the basketball game... A house divided, UT (Creed's alma mater!) played their biggest rival... UF (my beloved alma mater!)! The gators won (naturally!) in overtime which made for a really exciting game with such a close score the entire time... It was weird not seeing them play in the O'Dome with the dazzlers dancing and the band playing You Can Call Me Al but I was still so excited to get to see my boys play!! =)
Today, this article about our coach Billy Donovan kept popping up on blogs I frequent... so sad! In my profession, I deal with a lot of families who lose babies and my heart breaks for every one of them every time! =(

P.S. Can we talk about how much the SEC dominates football? 5 years in a row we have brought home a national championship!! Okay, end of conversation. That status update I saw on my news feed is really the extent that I am informed about it... but it's still pretty awesome!? =)

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