Wednesday, May 11, 2011

cinco de drinko & leopard print.

Cinco de Drinko

MegDave live in a really awesome area filled with young professionals, Spanish culture and a lot of great bars/restaurants/happy hours! Last Thursday was Cinco de Mayo and since we both had the night off, Megan & I decided to channel our inner-Mexican and celebrated the 5th of May out in SoHo with the rest of the twenty-somethings of South Tampa!
The beginning of the night did not look promising as I used a beer and sauce-seege to extract the swelling from my eyes while getting ready & the bouncer of the first bar asking "Are you gonna be alright?" but I was surrounded by good company and when Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka + Red Bull just so happened to be the drink special at Cheap!... I grew wings alright & the night turned out to be fabulously fun... and apparently, my camera captured the festivities exactly like I remember? it! Ole!

Realization re: leopards
Now, for the sobering, intellectual thought I realized amidst all the debauchery.. Leopards never change their spots. Ever.  And ladies, don't ever forget this.

I do not bash people intentionally on this blog. Occassionally, I may say something a little offensive to someone who may have broken my heart a time or two but there is a reason why I don't mention my childhood or post offices or modern art or clear bra straps or chinese menus with pictures of food on them ... I just don't like to write about things that make me unhappy; I just don't.

... but sometimes really valuable lessons are learned in the harshest of situations... and I feel compelled to share the knowledge I gained... regardless of what repercussions I may face by writing this...

I recently realized the quickest way to get an ex (who is an ex for a VERY APPARENT reason) to unveil his true colours that he has been trying to conceal behind the alter ego of a Southern Gentleman in shining armor in a pathetic attempt to get me to take him back (which was NEVER going to happen) when life just so happened to lead me to the city he currently lives in (not fate, just a coincidence!)... is to REJECT him (again) + then befriend his ex-girlfriend ... who is as awesome as she appears in the photogs above! He will be calling you "a super b*itch" in no time... well, 10 weeks to be exact... Obviously, he has some insecurities with her + I being friends, possibly fearing we'll compare notes... when he says hilariously immature things like "You two could date for all I care!"

HA! As if your ultimate fantasy would ever come true, douce bag.

I will admit I was a bit perplexed why he would think its okay to say those things to anyone but at the same time I was incredibly relieved to know that my intuition was right and I wasn't missing out on the opportunity to be with Mr. Perfect... His shining armor? Actually tin foil. + that split personality? ... never gonna change. Ever.

Instead of being horribly hurt my this and being manipulated in to thinking I had actually done something wrong (that was what the young, hopelessly in {first} love Jocelyn would have done FIVE YEARS AGO), I laughed at his ridiculousness and carried on with my life, happy to know that while our break-up was "the biggest mistake he ever made!"... it is still the BEST decision I ever made... AGAIN!! =)
I'd like to dedicate this song to all the leopards with unchangeable, d.b. spots. 

All you are is mean and a liar and pathetic and alone in life
And mean, and mean, and mean, and mean

Let this encounter-with-an-ex commemorate a new chapter I am considering opening up: dating. Ever try it? Well, I haven't. It never really interested me, to be honest. In fact, I have never even really been on a real first date in my entire life but I'm thinking it's about time I should try it... and not just dates with my besties in which we partake in a bunch of girly things like pedicures and cosmos and Cinebistro movie nights (see post below!)... but like the real deal that I spend hours getting ready for so a total stranger that I bumped in to in the produce aisle can pick me up on time and I'll have butterflies and he'll open the car door and take me to his favourite restaurant and we'll have good conversation over drinks + a yummy meal {with dessert} and I won't want the night to end but he will kiss me on the cheek when he walks me to my front door at the end of the night + he'll call the next day to ask when we can do it again... Is chivalry dead? 

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Brittany said...

I would love for that to happen to me too. But I don't want the guy to be a crazy psycho... Life just isn't like the movies.