Sunday, May 01, 2011

mission accomplished?

I rarely ever blog about current events/politics but as I am polishing my SwoonSunday post, my stream of consciousness was just interrupted with Breaking News: Osama bin Laden has been killed! Just as much as I will never forget where I was when the world stopped turning {homeroom in the medical academy my sophomore year of high school two weeks before my fifteenth birthday!} & first heard the news: A plane has flown in to the World Trade Center... I'm just as certain as I will never forget today, either {playing Yahtzee with Kara}... for it marks the ending of a decade-long era!

So close to the ten year reunion of 9/11, I've reflected on the moment the towers fell so often recently as it marks the anniversary of the day my own little world was turned upside down, too... & while it is hard to believe an entire decade has gone by, I feel like I have made incredible progress in putting my trials behind me! It gives me giant goose bumps to think just how remarkable hearing this news is & I sincerely hope it helps the 3,000+ families who lost loved ones on that September Day get closure with their own tribulations as the global war on terrorism may finally be over! =)

Having that been said....

To keep this post lighthearted & concurrent with my usual connotation, here is the hilarious conversations that took place moments before Obama made his speech tonight!

{Reading on my FB news feed (Thanks, Tasha!)...}
JK: Obama is supposed to making a speech regarding our nation's security. Should we turn on the news?
KW: Naah... {as she decides to go for a full house or 4-of-a-kind} ... I'm watching this {random show}.
JK: ......
Brian Williams: We interrupt your regular programming for breaking news!!!
KW: Hmph. Looks like we're watching it.

{I will probably be contacted by Federal Agents for writing this typo... but it's not my fault our fearless leader's name is so similar to the #1 wanted terrorist in the world...}

...Discussing nursery themes via text:
JK: I don't know which one I like better!
JK: Did you hear?? Obamas dead!!!
JK: I mean o*S*ama!!
JK: bin Laden.
JC: Haaaaaa. ooooo Thats crazy!
JK: Turn on the news! The global war on terrorism could be over!!
JC: Wow. That could be awesome. But we are kind of watching liar liar... and Jim Carey is kind of my fave...

P.S. Keep my brother-in-law in your thoughts as he is currently working on a base in Afghanistan!

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