Tuesday, July 19, 2011

she swOOns Sundays by the seawall.

and writes about her swOOns Tuesday afternoons...

I had a fabulous weekend in Vancouver reflecting swOOning by the seawall over all the little things that make my life swirly-swOOn-spectacular! 
First and foremost: how swOOntacular is it that I live a short, scenic {missed!!} train ride away from my Auntie?!! Saturday night we had a little date night on Granville Island seeing an adorable play entitled Birth Control Mom's the Word: Remixed which was an awesome little production, one I envision Carly to star in when she grows up ... err... settles down... moves out of LA and joins her local playhouse to escape the complacency of adulthood that neither one of us are ready to succumb to ... I cannot wait to capitalize on our avoidance of growing up... setting down... this weekend with a trip to LA LA Land to see Car... where we will be spending our weekend on a perpetual picnic! swOOOOOOn. 

Sunday Auntie P. and I played an incessant amount of crib + yahtzee and saw Bridesmaids before I had a sleepover with a complete stranger... which turned out to be a fabulous date with my new bestie (I hope its okay that I publicly define our relationship!) where we closed down a sushi restaurant and spent all day Monday shopping on Robson and donning {accidentally matching} frilly, polka dotted bathing suits to catch some rays & discuss when we were going to get to do this again!? The weekend after next at Shuswap lake? SwOOOOOn.   
Reality hit hard this morning when I returned to Seattle and my engine threatened to fall out of my car. I probably should be more concerned with the severity of a "broken engine" but instead I find myself swOOOning over my superb adult decision of an extended warranty twenty months ago, the new-car smell of the rental they gave me that came off the truck yesterday and the yellow nail polish I had pedicured on my toes while I waited next door at Star Nails for the dealership to tell me what the rattling under my car was... swOOOON. 

This video? swOOOON.
I swOOn over the brilliant combination of many things... like La Croix's sparkling + coconut water, kickboxing + Pilates, traveling + nursing... but paddleboarding and yoga might just be my new favourite combination of fabulous things!! I have signed up to take a couple of lessons on a SUP before combining it with yoga in the middle of the lake to minimize as much contact with lake water as possible... thank you, Living Social for your awesome deals! swOOOOn.

SwOOnworthy author to note: Jonathan Tropper. I randomly happened upon one of his books in the airport last week and I became instantly completely obsessed with his writing. I usually spend my summers reading chicklit but his hilarious, man humour is a nice, needed change from the usual summer love story! swOOOn.
The arrival of Piper Hadley on July 7th! She is perfect and healthy. Welcome to the World, baby girl!! Congratulations Katie, Dustin and big sister Kylie!!! Can we talk about the adorableness of that baby and that bow that I'm now trying to get my NICU to order? swOOOOn.
I saw this bike in a Club Monaco of all places this past weekend and I am bound and determined to make it mine one day... in real life... not just in my dreams... Go on, you can swOOOn too. 
One last thing, I made the decision to not have cable this summer before I moved to Seattle {and realized I lived above a Starbucks and would not need internet connected!} to have no distractions from watching lectures and no reason to stay inside when I could be out on a patio or hiking or exploring my new neighbourhood... I downloaded a CNN app that sends me updates to stay current on the World's affairs but I also signed up for a free trial of Netflix and thanks to my Auntie's recommendation... am totally in love with the British sitcom The IT Crowd! It is the perfect nonsense to fall asleep to. swOOOn. 

And I swOOOn every time a new follower shares their bloglovin!! Thank you for your sweet words!! What are y'all swOOning over this summer??

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are you dressing up or dressing down said...

Beautiful photos, especially the instagram ones. I am a big fan of your bucket list!!

Helen, X