Wednesday, July 27, 2011

perpetual picnics, endless wines + bottomless bellinis.

 LA super comes to life in the summer. The sun is perpetually shining. The wine is continually pouring. & the music! The live music permeates the air surrounding every street corner, outdoor venue and restaurant patio in the major metropolitan area. In between going for our habitual {delicious} sushi night where we consume the perfect mix of raw fish + fruit (like salmon + strawberries, avocado + tempura shrimp!) and wash it down with a Kirin light... followed by the second night ritual of gourmet Mexican where we venture in to a different area of LA (this time, we tried Spanish Kitchen in Carly's new West Hollywood neighborhood) and always order the fresh guacamole + usually split some sort of tortilla/rice/bean combination while sippin' on my summer addiction {Micheladas!!} with Sydney...
 Carly + I spent this past weekend doing some major day drinking summering. Saturday we headed up the Pacific Coast Highway with a carload of friends to join the various birthday fetes that were happening at a little gem by the name of Malibu Wines. Picnic packed with the infamous Bay Cities subs, we found the perfect patch of grass to lay out our blankets, take in the Latin guitar-playing duo and order wine by the bottle from this awesome airstream!     

Wine flights?! But, of course!  

Sunday we took advantage of Carly's last weekend in Santa Monica + biked to the Third Street Promenade where we spent four fabulous hours drinking bottomless bellinis over lunch on a rooftop patio with the first friend I made in LA + co-founder of the late S.P.I. club, Lindsay!, who I am so sad I did not get a picture with but I will definitely remember to when she comes to visit her hometown just outside of Seattle in a couple of weeks!  

 The rest of Sunday was spent out on the promenade watching street performers, seeing Friends with Benefits {in which I just might be  Mila's character + just might be seriously considering becoming a F.W.B.} + eating American burgers + cheesy tots at umami in true SanMon-resident fashion! =) 

But come Monday... oh! Monday was the highlight of my weekend escape to LA when the perpetual picnic continued at the Hollywood Bowl to see the ever-sexy Pat Monahan + Adam Levine! 
Loving these quintessential summer nights!! Happy Summering, y'all!! 

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