Saturday, July 09, 2011

sneak peek via instagram.

Kara and I flew in to Boston from our respective corners of the world at the same time Thursday morning. We cabbed it to the hotel, set down our luggage and immediately booked it to Fenway Park to attend Christopher's 12:30 sound check. 
 It was incredible hearing him sing in front of a sold out crowd of 37,400 later that night but standing there on the field just the four of us hearing the sound of his sweet voice reverberate through the empty stadium was absolutely amazing, one of those surreal instants in life where you can literally feel the Earth's spin slowing down on its axis to allow you to enjoy this fleeting moment a little bit longer.

Off to enjoy my last morning with Christopher + Kara before flying back to Seattle this afternoon where I will post more pix + a video! =)