Friday, January 27, 2012

instagramly ever after.

Although my original thirteen weeks turned in to {eeeek!} six months, those six months were a crazy whirlwind of work + school + traveling + forgetting to breathe on a daily basis and I never really slowed down enough to take in my Seattle surroundings. I have had a lot, A LOT, of errands to {leisurely} run this week all over the Greater Puget Sound area and my goodness, do I love the Pacific Northwest! I discovered a park close to my house that lines the Pacific; perfect for capturing sunset. I met with the wonderful people at the March of Dimes office in downtown and walked to Pike Place afterwards to pick up some flowers and delightful blackberry honey! I'm still falling in love with a new local coffee shop on a weekly basis but Starbucks will always be my go-to for impromptu study sessions. And do you see that badge? It says Jocelyn Kirk - ARNP Student... so exciting!! My first clinical rotation starts next week! I'm packing my bag and hoping I get the green light in the morning to meet up with my California nursing friends for a random assignment this weekend! Have a happy weekend!! =)

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