Wednesday, August 06, 2008

art of relaxation.

If there is one thing I have mastered this summer, it is the art of relaxation. I have never operated well under conditions that left much room to relax so I must admit when I first arrived, I was absolutely terrible at it. At the end of the day (which consisted of sleeping in, playing around the lake, squeezing in a round a golf, and maybe watching an episode of So You Think You Can Dance, before heading back to bed for a solid 11 hours of sleep) I was feeling quite worthless. I would wake up (halfway through the day) and attempt to write a to-do list, which is habit for me as much as it is for some to scratch an itch. When the only bullet the list would consist of is study for my boards, I quickly kicked this habit, replacing it with a much less productive one- embracing the fact that I am unofficially retired and therefore I didn’t actually have a damn thing to do that day, except relax of course! It was very unlike me to spend an entire day stagnant. I felt oddly selfish relishing in all the things that I loved to do day in and out - read, run, and ruminate with Grams. But 6 weeks later of nothing but rest and relaxation, I am a natural at it. I proudly wake up quarter past noon looking forward to the day filled of nothingness that awaits me. I now feel incredibly accomplished at the end of the day having read an entire book, ran an entire four miles and reminisced for an entire twelve hours with Grams. As the end of summer (and consequently my mini retirement) draws near, I’m beginning to wonder if it will be easy to transition back into a bussling routine at the start of my career when I arrive in Los Angeles?

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