Thursday, August 07, 2008

dream kitchen.

My dream kitchen would consist of….

A coffee pot that brews the perfect blend of beans... not just aromatic water.
A pan that fries... but never burns.
A corkscrew that effortlessly removes the cork... in one piece.
A knife that perfectly slices, dices and chops food... and not my fingers.
A pot that always boils, even when watched.
A cupboard full of all the right ingredients... instead of a freezer full of frozen dinners.
A box of delicious recipes to replace my drawer of take-out menus.
A dining room full of my favorite people visiting over a perfectly prepared meal... a pinch of fabulousness hidden in every bite.

Abandoning the concept of a dream kitchen, I have decided that a dream chef to make my dream kitchen a reality will certainly suffice.

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