Friday, August 22, 2008

The Enchanted Highway

We had only been driving 6 hours when I accidently missed our very first turn off in North Dakota that was to lead us to Mount Rushmore (because my navigator was sleeping with the map tucked under pillow). We were re-routed by the visitor center near Bismark to take a shortcut called the Enchanted Highway. I kid you not this really exists and if you don't stop to take pictures of the landmarks every five miles, it is actually quicker than the major interstate to reach the Black Hills. It was created by Gary Greff in 1989 to bring people to his small community. Inspired by a hay-bale strongman built by a farmer, he created the World's Largest Scrap Metal Sculpture to see if people would stop to see them. There are seven scrap metal sculptures total which include but are not limited to pheasants on the prairie, a family of tin (Tin Ma, Tin Pa and Tin Son), Theodore Roosevelt riding a horse, grasshoppers in a field and geese in flight.  

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