Saturday, August 09, 2008

off the beaten path.

On a recent attempt to the explore the great outdoors, Matty and I set out to hike a 9.6K trail around Moon Lake. Soons pretty fabulous... until you arrive ready to follow a cleared path and discover that the trail hasn't been kept up with in what appears to be years. Twenty minutes in, we contemplated turning around but decided since we managed to find motivation (see art of relaxation post) to drive all the way up to the lake, we were going to finish the trail. We weren't about to quit. Well, our estimated one and a half hour leisure walk simply trying to connect with nature while enjoying the company of an old friend turned into a three hour, tretrerous climb over fallen trees, not to mention wading through mud pools and balancing on loose stones in cold streams, all while fighting off nettles and killer mosquitoes. Throughout the hike I kept wishing I had paid less attention to rugged, shirtless six pack of Bear Grylls and more attention to the survival tips he talked about (so eloquently in his English accent, distraction #2) on man vs. wild.

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