Thursday, October 09, 2008

Kara & Knoxville

For those of you who don't know (whoever you are... I'm not really sure who reads my blog ... but I always get excited when I start to tell a story and someone responds "Oh, I read that on your blog".. I digress) Kara moved to Tennessee almost a month ago to start grad school at South College. Working to obtain a degree as a physician's assistant, it is really competitive to get into PA programs and I am incredibly proud of her for wowing the panel that granted her admission into their program. She moved to Knoxville with her friend Monika, who also interned at the dermatology office she worked at in Tallahassee. Every time I talk to her she's studying but she seems to be meeting a lot of great people and exploring the new area lots in what little free time she has. I was thinking about us growing up so close in age and how we did everything the same. Mum dressed us the same in the hideous tie-dye dresses. We went to gymnastics together. We were in band (one of us by choice, the other by sheer force... that was me.) we spent every holiday, every birthday and every milestone together. It's weird how much our lives are different now. My day is just beginning when hers is half over.She's in class and I'm working. We communicate through Blackberry messenger and sending pictures. She's frolicking in autumn leaves and I'm shimmying up palm trees. Okay. Not quite but it's strange being so far away. I'm not sure I like it so much. 

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