Saturday, October 04, 2008

Post-Production Production Assistant's Assistant

Post-Production Production Assistant's Assistant- This was the title I gave myself when I embarked on an incredible journey the other night with Carly, one of which that would only happen in Hollywood... because I am quickly learning that a lot of things that I have been experiencing on an almost daily basis could only take place living in LA. When Carly's movie-editing cousin recently called her to offer her a position at a studio for a pilot he has been editing, she accepted not having much insight into what the job entailed; all she knew was it would take up all of her time... running around into the wee hours of the night was not the time she expected her temp job to consume. Having to distribute watermarked dvds of the roughcut of the pilot to all the important people involved in the creation of it (producers, directors, etc.), she spent the day mapping out her route around LA county. She picked me up around 11:00 pm and we headed to the Duplication Station to pick up our first run... 5 watermarked copies to be "left on the doorstep" in Santa Monica, "given to the building manager" in West Hollywood, "dropped in the mailbox" in Encino. Having what could possibly be TNT's next hit show in our possession, I felt like we held the genetic formula to the cure for cancer or the recipe for Coca-Cola. The fate of the world, or atleast Ray Romano's career, was in our hands. Quietly sneaking up the front steps of each amazing destination to the next, we successfully delivered all the copies of the pilots to their respective creators, creators that had names that couldn't have possibly been real, and stumbled back into our apartment at 3:30 am.  

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