Sunday, October 05, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance!

Carly's love for dance got me hooked on the show So You Think You Can Dance! 2 summers ago when I was trapped in Gainesville taking care of psych patients and she was in LA taking care of celebrities needs at Last Call. She called me raving every week and looking for a mindless escape from the nursing school summer from hell, I decided to see what all the hype was about. Finding ourselves a million miles away from each other again this summer, SYTYCD became the only constant in our lives, yet again. It gave two unemployed college grads something to look forward to every Tuesday and Wednesday night and because Carly is awesome.. she surprised me with tickets to their live tour at the Nokia Theatre LA Live (where the Emmys were just filmed) for my birthday!! My bday present became even more exciting when her boss (who knows someone at FOX, because everyone knows someone in this town) got us backstage passes to meet the entire cast! Probably the highlight of my night was when we happened upon Adam Shankman (one of the judges) canoodling by the bar with Lance Bass, former member of NSYNC. When we interrupted their lovefest and took this picture with the two of them, Adam snickered and said "2 girls, 2 gays. How funny."

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Thank you daughter for posting these my other daughter is way to busy driving around LA...and having secret meetings with hot guys in coffee shops. You two look a little shiny but very cute.What an experience the two of you are having ENJOY Love Ya