Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vegas Vacation

Overwhelmed with the amount of new places to see, restaurants to taste test, new job to learn, a new city to discover, etc. blogging kinda got put on the back burner when I first got to LA. But I found this draft that was dated 9/13Because life wasn't hectic enough when we first got to Los Angeles, Carly and I spent our first weekend together in Las Vegas. After staying in a hotel for a week desperately searching for an apartment, we unloaded our cars the second we got our keys to our fab apartment, waited for IKEA to deliver my bed (which we proudly assembled upon our return all by ourselves!) and then immediately hopped in the car to make the four hour drive through Death Valley to Vegas. Totally imposing on their annual guy's trip for Jordan's birthday, we met Carly's dad and brother there for the season kick-off of college football. No trip to Vegas would be complete without seeing Cirque du Soleil (we saw Ka! which was awesome!), a magician (Carly got pulled on stage by David Copperfield to help him make a tissue paper rose explode into a real one), and eating incredibly delicious dinners before hitting the Strip at night. Look, it's Donny & Marie! 

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