Wednesday, October 15, 2008

off the beaten path.

Carly and I started a new tradition (and by tradition I mean the past 2 weekends in a row): hiking on Sunday mornings. This past Sunday we found ourselves on a bit steeper of a climb than the previous weekend but it was worth the aches and pains because we had an incredible panoramic of LA and could even see the ocean. Our path kept dividing or as Robert Frost put it "2 roads diverged in the woods" and we would have to decide which way to go...Much like in our own lives, we always took the road less traveled and that has really made all of the difference. 
We always talk about how we are the only ones that we graduated with
 that aren't even close to settling down.. They are all engaged, married, having kids while we still live with our college roommate and can't even commit to getting a cat. We used to say "oh my gosh, so and so's engaged or pregnant or (insert huge life event here)" because it was surprisingly rare but we are the minority now. It's strange that we aren't. It's strange that we're in LA following our dreams. Maybe one day we'll settle down but for now, we get our fill when through our really close friends by living vicariously through their planning... wedding arrangements, baby showers... but to envision myself having to make any bigger commitments than to pick out what color of scrubs I don in the mornings seems unfathomable to me.   
Having an incredibly challenging week at work, I found myself questioning what I was doing and thought about how easy it would be to take the short cuts, the beaten path that doesn't have the roots that trip you up or the steep inclines that make it harder to reach the top but I decided the view from the top is worth the extra effort in making it there.  

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