Monday, August 01, 2011


aHHHHgust. Something about the first of the month falling on a Monday motivates me in an awe-inspiring way that the scatterbrained, procrastinator in me needs at this moment. Fabulous milestones are being reached in the next few weeks. Baby Ella will be making her much-anticipated arrival any day now. Kara & Creed are coming to visit. I'll be meeting up with Deidre in Vegas for the awesome stagette she is planning for Sammi. I will become a trained doula. ReeseyBird will turn one. I will turn twenty-five {cue quarter life crisis!} I will learn how to let go & pour all my love in to a puppy. My current contract in Seattle will expire... and I will have to decide where to go from here. Summer will come to an end and there are so many new leaves that will turn over come Fall.
It's a little overwhelming but in order to relish in all its fancy goodness that has continually filled the mason jar of my life right up to the brim this summer, there are few {gasp!} adult things I need to get done first. I need a strong finish in my classes (did I mention I signed up for a second class this summer and its been a challenge... to say the least... not because its overly hard but because I'm not as good at naturally balancing school & work & play as I had hoped...) 
Yes, MUCH more balance would be good. Balance in the meals I eat. A more consistent exercise regime would be great. A little more sleep would be lovely, too. I am going to spend the majority of August finding that perfect Libra-esque balance that is embedded in my astrological make-up right here in my temporary home of Seattle... no planes, trains or automobiles... Just me & my centre of gravity... learning to embrace the rich life that is right outside my window... starting with the most challenging lesson in balancing this city offers: paddleboard yoga!  August will be an entire four weeks of working lots + exercising hard + sleeping in + studying much + soaking up the last days of summer... basking in the sunshine... repetitively rehearsing my act of balancing... even if its on a raft in the middle of a lake in true summering fashion! =)

Happy first day of a new month. Happy first day of a new week. Oh, happy day to you!

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