Wednesday, August 17, 2011

beach, blades + bon iver.

On Sunday morning after my weekly ritual of waking up with the sun, fueled by a freshly brewed cup of local coffee...
picking out half flats of fresh fruit + beautiful flowers at the farmer's market...
I drove over to West Seattle to take in the view of the cityscape from the other side of the harbour. 
There's a little beach by the name of Alki where all the locals go to find the perfect log in the sand to read & relax upon. 
I strapped up my {rented} rollerblades, steadied my balance + spent all afternoon {wobbily} skating up and down the sidewalk that winded along the water. 
Enamored by the scuba school in session, I stopped to breathe in the smell of salty water & fish markets that pepper the shoreline. 
It was just me, the beach + Bon Iver...
...blading on for miles + miles.   

It was just the perfect Seattleite day.

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Lindsay B said...

So glad you made it to Alki! Definitely my favorite place in Seattle. Next time you're there and have a craving for fish and chips, try Spud's. My sister and I try to make a trip there each time I'm home.