Monday, August 22, 2011


Yaay!! It's Monday... which is officially my favourite day of the week... It's a fresh start + a thanksgiving + an optimistic outlook + a new leaf + a reflection of fabulousness + a counting of blessings all rolled in to one perpetually awesome celebration {of life}... and while these little loveyolife parties don't always make it to its virtual form of words + photographs, the tiny celebrations in reality always deliver. Every Monday. In the form of new paperbacks. Bouquets of fresh flowers. Extra-strong cups of joe. Contagious, pathological smiles. Added mileage on to my runs. A growing fruit basket. Newly discovered songs that are played on repeat. An ever-expanding album of memories. A suitcase packed for my next adventure. For that is how I celebrate. 

I am celebrating that school is officially out for the summah! I survived my first two graduate classes and get to spend Seattle's nicest month of the year schoolwork-free, soaking up the last rays of sunshine... camping & hiking & paddleboarding & kayaking... getting in touch with my inner outdoors{wo}man. I'm hoping to get all the summering out of my system before Fall classes start... so there's less distractions & more sunless afternoons to spend cooped up in a library come October... where I will buckle down & take school as serious as I have taken summering these past three months. This is my serious face. =)  
I am celebrating the arrival of Sweet Baby E last Sunday, August 14th at 3:55 a.m. I am officially a roomaunt!! I am hoping she is still full of that 7 lbs 1 oz of S.N.G. {squishy newborn goodness} when I get to meet her. Congratulations, Jess & Seth! Ella Rose Cain is absolutely perfect. 
I am celebrating that Kara & Creed came to visit me the last 4 days. It was so fabulous getting to host them in my new city... a city that is starting to feel like {ghasp!} home!!
I am celebrating my urban rooftop office oasis... and the fact that I get to call it mine for an extended three months because my current contract at U Dub was renewed today until Christmas! =) 
Speaking of Christmas, I'm celebrating that I will get to spend the holidays under the magical Parisian lights & ring in the New Year with a little landmark named Big Ben... with none other than my other bestie, Grams! =) 
I am celebrating joining Freggie... a fruit & vegetable co-op that delivered this ginormous box of fresh produce last week... just in time for friends to arrive to grill veggie kabobs on the aforementioned rooftop oasis with my aforementioned guests! 
I am celebrating this week's agenda.. work. work. work. play. play. play. play. I'm off to LA Thursday to get my hairs cut by my hair artist, the amazing Mista Tate before flying to Sin City on Friday to celebrate Sammi's final days of singlehood and snuggle with my Deidre! =) 
I am celebrating that Reese is 11 months old today and in one month we will have the CELEBRATION of a century... for the little girl whose rocked my world from the very first day she arrived! It has been one incredible year with her presence in it.

Happy Monday, y'all! Hope its full of tiny loveyolife celebrations, too! =) 

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