Friday, August 12, 2011

stories from shuswap.

August long was spent disconnected from the world at the perfect little oasis on Schuswap Lake. After six hours winding along a long, country dirt road to a boat dock... we unloaded our truck full of the bare necessities in to a boat and cruised across the lake to a rigidity dock connected to land by a piece of wood. We carefully balanced walking along the beam carrying load after load up to our cabins. We immediately mixed ourselves a ceasar and began the weekend festivities just the girls eating Sammi's yummy pork chops around the campfire! 
The next day Sammi and I ventured in to the woods behind the cabins to pick berries all afternoon... that we later turned in to cottage jam (tutorial to follow)!

Drifting out in to the middle of the lake, we got lost in conversation as we watched people pour in (about thirty in all) boatload by boatload and finally the guys arrived!

We mixed more drinks and made tofu + chicken kabobs on the fire before spending the night laughing hysterically at the crazy uncles who entertained us for hours Friday night! 
The rest of the weekend was spent making feasts around the bonfire for every meal, consuming beers on the dock soaking up the sunshine and tubing after supper. After the sun set at a cool 11 PM, we crowded around the camp fire to listen to the acoustics and count the stars that speckled the bright sky above. It was serenity in its purest form. 
We showered in the lake. We used an outhouse. We put our nursing skills to good use when we turned a tent in to a burn unit when someone passed out fell asleep a little too close to the fire and might have woke up burning in the embers!! 
Even the road trip back to reality was full of last laughs pulling off on the side of the road for impromptu photo shoots! These are just the highlights as the stories from our five days at shuswap are endless!

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