Wednesday, August 31, 2011

welcome to FABULOUS las vegas.

... and fabulous it was. 
When you're in the business of saving lives, its imperative that you spend your days off letting go of the emotional stress that comes with our fabulous profession! Four out of the five of us are NICU nurses so it was only apropos that we borrowed hospital supplies to enable us to do so! A shot of shots, if you will.

We headed to Thunder From Down Under where the bachelorette received a very special dance from one of the handsome Aussies'. Is it pathetic that I have now seen T.F.D.U. three times? I can practically do the choreography along with them... 
Saturday was spent surviving the 110 degree heat at Encore's Beach Club and praying that they put penicillin in the pool... 
although I didn't seem to mind if they hadn't...
After a magnifique French dinner on the Strip with a perfect view of the Bellagio fountains and a special dessert for the "stagette", we strapped on our stilettos and headed to XS for another night out!
Did I mention there were two bachelorette parties combined? #paintthetown
I stole these pictures off Facebook but I didn't see any from Sunday because apparently waking up at 3:00, walking to a buffet and sitting there for four hours to consume breakfast, lunch and dinner in one sitting doesn't warrant any photog opps. 
Happy Bachelorette, Sammi!! Can't wait for 11.11.11.

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Marianne said...

has anyone ever told you that you look like Miranda Lambert? Looks like you beautiful ladies had a great time!