Friday, August 05, 2011

they say it rains everyday in seattle...

 ...but in the six weeks I have been a pseudo-Seattle resident, I have only felt the touch of cool raindrops on my bare skin twice! 
Yesterday, my friend Heather and I headed down to a paddle club called Agua Verde (near our hospital!) and paddled around the harbour all afternoon! It was such a beautiful day out! We ventured all along the shore swooning over the adorable houseboats that line Portage Bay! Then we challenged all the yachts and sailboats through the channel to get to Lake Washington where we relaxed in an arboretum. Afterwards, we enjoyed a delightful lunch of mangodillas (mango quesadillas... you know it!) at the cafe on top of the kayak rental place. It was such a lovely afternoon! =)  
The arboretum was a peaceful little cove filled with lily pads and ducks and {dead} turtles! 

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