Wednesday, October 12, 2011

c'est la vie.

Mid-week rant. I took this picture Sunday night in high hopes that I would establish a really awesome routine this week that would grant me the ability to balance school, work and the bare necessities of eating + sleeping + physical activity... but seriously, it's already only Wednesday and I think I've fallen down the stairs {metaphorically speaking} like fourteen times. I give myself little pep talks: "You like yoga AND you are a Libra. You are one tightrope shy of being a balance masteress. You got this!" and then 72 hours goes by {three of which were spent scouring Seattle in search of the perfect pot & pan} and I've yet to accomplish anything.    Le sigh.

Monday. Spent most of the day sleeping from working the previous two nights {Seattle weather has worked wonders on my ability to sleep during the day! Good riddance.} only to wake up, do some homework & get ready for my third shift just to get canceled 25 minutes before I had to be there. Not knowing what to do with my unexpected time off, I talked with Carly for two hours before falling back to sleep to add eight more hours to the seven hours of zzz's I had already gotten earlier in the day.

Tuesday. Although I have since drawn a line with a Sharpie through all the taunting boxes  on my to-do list with the word "gym" next to them {Amy Aerobix, if you are out there, please return to me!}, I did manage to {STOP THE WORLD} turn on my stove and boil water to make a pasta dinner with my swirly pumpkin parmesan sauce!  Feeling fully satisfied {Read: sans motivation!}, I did what any logical person with too much on their plate would do: take a hot bath, drink a glass of wine and read my new favorite book and then crawl in to bed watching this and this... My head was still spinning after a little bit of R & R but there was something much more satisfying knowing it was a combo of piping hot bath water + vino that made my vision blurry and not the hours prior to that that were spent trying to comprehend the complement  system of immunology. Is it totally ironic that my pathophysiology course may be the death of me?

Wednesday. While most of Earth prefers to wake up to the gentle sounds of Jack Johnson Banana Pancakes, my current song obsession is loud and has a super bass that gets me pumped up to tackle the day...only to fall back asleep one hour later until after noon... say whaat? I had big plans to take a ferry to a little island and study in its adorable coffee shops taking little breaks in art galleries and tasting rooms {don't judge. your brain only functions at full capacity for fifty minute increments, anyways.} so you can imagine my anger disappointment when I looked at the clock and it said 12:58 {I had been asleep since 8:30 p.m. the previous day +/- that hour when I thought I was getting up for the day}. Since it was overcast and near dark when I finally did get up {and just thinking about the wind on the ferry boat could not lure me out of my pajamas}, I spent the last 10 hours of today watching lectures and posting to discussion forums from the uninspiring, uncomfortable chair at my dining room table.  C'est la vie. 

The latter half. This week will improve. There's an exciting, new job opportunity in the works.  Halloween costumes are being a'brainstormed. There's professional sporting events to attend. There's less than one month til I am in Winnipeg celebrating Sammi & Ryan with my +1, Deidre... followed by some post-wedding-little-cousin-cuddling! And colour me red &green but the holidays almost here! Oh, and if you still reading this and could take thirty seconds to vote for my friend's elementary school here, her class would sincerely appreciate the support! They are a special culture of kids that will retain almost anything put to the beat of the latest hip hop song and if you watch the video, you'll know just what I'm talking about! =)  

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