Saturday, October 01, 2011

instant memories ala instagram.

Photobucket Welcome, October!! How the helck is it already October?! The end of the year flies by so fast. Its like I turn another year wiser and then Halloween comes to welcome November and then Thanksgiving Day happens and after I'm done stuffing myself to a comatose state and counting my blessings, the holiday season arrives where each and every day is full of so much cheer and delightful treats and then just like that... Christmas Day comes and a short week later, the new year arrives to promise new beginnings among all those resolutions you vow to make to guarantee a happier, healthier life. 
Photobucket Seriously life, you are flying by too fast. Want to slow down a bit? I'm having a hard time keeping up. Laundry is piling up in every corner of my apartment. My inbox is out of control (I'm really sorry to those who have e-mailed me and I have failed to respond). My to-do list keeps growing longer and longer.  

But the fulfilled-life-living... oh, that I never procrastinate about. My one friend here in Seattle and I just so happen to have birthdays four days a part and we have been celebrating since Sunday... First, the cupcake celebration at work last Sunday (thank you, again!). And hiking on Wednesday. Thursday night we enjoyed a few too many beers at Jake Owen/Keith Urban and last night we went out to a delightful dinner in Bellevue before heading to Kerry Park to take in the breathtaking view of the cityscape all lit up and sparkly. Carpe diaximum: seizing the day to the maximum.
PhotobucketHave I told you lately how much I love the Pacific Northwest? Well, I do. Immensely. And that growing love makes me even more excited to stay here through March to attend classes/clinicals and plan out where I will be going from here. California? Alaska? It's one part scary and three parts super exciting how up-in-the-air my future is at the moment. 
Photobucket Life really is a whimsical ride on the scenic route to happiness. 
Photobucket The windows are open; the air is cool. The sun is hidden behind the nimbostratus; the perpetual Seattle drizzle is in full effect. The coffee is piping hot. I have unpacked all my sweaters in to my oven + officially sleep in my slippers. I believe this means in PNW lingo that it's official! Fall is officially here.     
Farewell, sunny skies! I'm really going to miss you + all the beauty you have brought to my life. We had a wild romance, you + I. One that made me relaxed, giddy and incredibly intrigued... making it nearly impossible to let you go. I'm not sure if I will ever feel a love as deep as ours {you captured my heart in the rarest, most special way!} but my goodness, am I glad for the time we got to share together. The dreams we imagined together. We made a lot of memories full of genuine happiness, you + I. Perhaps, our lives will cross paths again... in the way they inevitably do. Perhaps, next year? When we're a little more settled, a little more wiser.  I promise I will not lose myself in the greys of this winter if you promise to wrap me in your sunbeams for forever someday soon.  Here's to hoping history repeats itself. Until we meet again... So long, summer!  

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