Friday, October 28, 2011

{special} eyes.

Mom, will I get a new body when I get to Heaven?
No, Christopher. Your body will stay here and your soul will go to Heaven.
But I want my body!
Why, Christopher? You won't need a body in Heaven.
But will I get to come back? To a new body?
You will not want to come back when you get to Heaven; the Bible promises you that!
But will I get to see you again?
Yes! In Heaven!!
...because I will have eyes when I get to Heaven?
Yes, sweetie! Won't that be wonderful? That you will get to see when you get to Heaven?
...but isn't it harder sometimes that I cannot see now? That they can't create eyes for me?
Yes, but you have special eyes. You see through your heart. And you know what that boy in your class that is in a wheelchair will get to do when he gets to Heaven??
Get up out of his wheelchair?!!
Yes!! Won't that be wonderful??

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Katie said...

This is incredible!! I have throat lumps and chills!! What a gift! He is amazing!!