Tuesday, October 18, 2011

locks of good luck.

I woke up this afternoon to a delightful breeze blowing through my window accompanied by the most invigorating rays of sunshine... a shot of Vitamin D straight to my soul. 
You know I am a sucker for sunshine so I took my last minute study session to the locks here in a little borough of Seattle. It was fabulous watching the boats enter the channel--water rise up---boats depart & new boats enter---water level recede--little boats sail on to the Pacific--repeat!

The locks must have brought me good luck because I only missed one question on the exam I wrote this afternoon {in between night shifts, mind you!} My mind is currently in nursing-information-overload as I have three exams to write in ten days and I am super celebrating the lovely little fact that my first of the three went so fabulously!! Hopefully, I can keep the mojo going!

Enough about school. On to the weather and all the yellow, orange and red leaves that make my heart so happy. Although I do miss the incredible high of an endless summer, I am embracing the winding down that accompanies Fall and all the little things that can be celebrated in these shorter days as the year comes to a close and I finish dotting all those i's and crossing all those t's of the life list I set out to accomplish nearly a year ago... Create a home, starting with a new roommate. Read a few more books. Invest in my true passions. Write 'til my fingers bleed. Exercise routinely. Let go. Let go. Let go. I'm almost there and it feels so fancy and free.
Off to Vancouver to cheer on the Canucks with their #1 fan and shower Sammi in sexy, little things!! ooxo   

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