Wednesday, October 19, 2011

oh hello there, 0% body fat.

All right. ALL RIGHT. I guess I do have a type... the defined cheek bone, 5 o'clock shadow, 0% body fat kind of type. 
Aside from what was under the polyester and padding, other things I ruminated about while at the Canucks games last night included...
1. They serve beer in a cup with a straw... a team after my own heart.
2. Wow! This level skates so much faster. I should have brought my glasses.
3. My favourite moments are the 10 sec clips of great music in between the plays.
4. I loved attending the game in an oversized jersey, flats and my hair in a messy bun.
5. I am the only person in the stands hoping the refs stop the fight... before I start crying.

Game Two tomorrow night... Go Predators Canucks Go!

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