Monday, September 12, 2011


oh, this Monday brings so much to celebrate! September is my birthday month and two weeks shy of a QUARTER CENTURY... there is twenty-five kinds of celebrations going on around these parts... you know the part of the country that only had two recordable days of rain in all of August and has broken the highs the last eight days topping the weather charts at a cool 85 breezy degrees.
Aaah, Indian summer. #thatswhatImtalkingabout.
I have fallen oh so hard for the Pacific Northwest... I knew I was going to love it, but THIS MUCH is beyond my wildest imagination. 
 I'm celebrating that on Thursday, I get to go back to the dirrrty South Tennessee and love on my little Reesey Bird for the first time since June. While that is reason enough to be throw a loveyolife celebration, the guest list for the partaaay makes my heart flutter something spectacular. Grams. Jess & Ella. Katie, Kylie & Piper. Oh yes, this weekend is going to be some kind of wonderful. 
I'm celebrating this past weekend in Vancity with Auntie Paulette getting triple skunked in cribbage at her little cottage in Sleepy Hollow, Canada... currently, my favourite place to escape to, walk down the seawall at sunset & fall asleep for twelve hours at a time in possibly the most comfortable bed in all of North America. We made a special *birthday* appointment where my world was rocked in an incredible way and this feeling of great things are coming was confirmed. 
I'm also celebrating that the next time I see A.P. & polka-dotted shoes will be for the first of many Canuck games this hockey season! 
 of course, we matched.
I'm celebrating how wonderful Sammi & I's biweekly friendship is working out. Saturday night we had my favourite date so far... the Taylor Swift concert. I was the girl that knew every word to every song, even when Vancouver native, Tal Bachman, came out and sang She's So High with T. Swizzer! Loved every minute of it. 

I'm celebrating the moon as it light dances on the water. I knew it had to be close to a full moon when I had a wild night at work last night and can only imagine tonight's shift will get even crazier... 
I am celebrating that after seven loads of laundry, I can see the floor in my closet for the first time since I moved in. Now if only I knew how to turn on my stove, I could be off to be a beautiful start to becoming a little bit more domesticated in my next twenty-five years.
Happy Monday, y'all! Celebrate your heart out.

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