Thursday, December 06, 2012

how 'bout dem apples?

Washington {the state} is known for it's deliciously crisp apples + one random Saturday back in October {probably around the height of my obsession with all things Fall}, Celeste + I decided to carbar our way up to the northern most apple orchard in WA, just below the Canadian border, to get our hands on our very own bushel. TAD apples2of5-2 applestad21of2 applebottom applestad21of1
Spurred by a craving for caramel apple cider, we arrived in the middle of nowhere with a glossy glee in our eyes + were given a huge bucket to fill. After hours of drinking the bottle of wine we brought taking turns riding in the wagon, rolling in the dirt, + taking the most awkward photogs ever, the farmer was quite shocked when we returned back to the barn covered in grass with only a few {I'm talking like eight} very carefully selected apples in our bucket.
apples3of5-1 IMG_1605 sourtad IMG_1623
We were just as shocked to learn that apple picking was not nearly as relaxing as wine tasting {I'm not sure why in my mind they were practically the same thing} but Mr. Farmer insisted on giving us a full basket + some amazing honey to dip our apple slices in to for later. 
After much debate in the car ride home, ten gallons of apples in tow, we came to the conclusion that we don't really like apples anyways... and will be sticking to the vineyards in Eastern Washington to fulfill our cravings for beverages made from fruit that grows on trees from now on.

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