Monday, December 10, 2012

much-to-celebrate-monday: endless summer, summer's end.

Oh my word, y'all. It's Monday... 2:22 a.m. Hawaiian time... and I am at clinicals celebrating something fierce: my pager hasn't gone off once AND tonight is my very last shift... As much as I enjoyed that one day in the North Shore with an adorable surf instructor by the name of DJ {who personified an endless summer}, I am so ready for winter + to get off this island. By this time tomorrow night, I will be somewhere over the Pacific Ocean en route back to the "mainland" ... where winter is in full force! 
IMG_2511 IMG_2654 IMG_2656 IMG_2690 IMG_2706
I will skip off that plane floating on clouds + reunite with great friends over hazelnut lattes.  It will be an insanely quick rain-city-reunion where I will individually hug every single one of "my people" that I am still in denial that I have even said good-bye to yet... it's see you later, friends. We will celebrate over donuts + locally brewed beer + cupcakes. I will write finals + attend meetings + hand in evaluations + write papers + check things off my dreaded "adult to-do list" but I'll do it all smiling because I'm home. There will be sparklers + paper lanterns + I will celebrate until the sun goes down + be up before it rises Thursday morning where I will celebrate the completion of my second to last quarter + begin the 100 day countdown until I finish school on an early flight to a snowy mountainous village South of Seattle. I will have a 2-day layover with two of my other halves... We will celebrate in bridal boutiques + cry as the futch bride tries on wedding gowns + we'll take silly pictures in hideous bridesmaid dresses. We will celebrate togetherness + drink hot cocoa by the fire + stay up really late giggling... and come Sunday when this amazing celebration comes to an end, I will have arrived in Knoxville + I will fall asleep, exhausted + heavily happy, to the twinkling of the christmas tree lights with a certain calmness in my head + fullness in my heart... waiting for my reeseybird to wake up to kick off eight weeks of me trying to dress as cool as two-year-old.     

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Marianne said...

Well I suck. This is literally my first time on my computer since I last commented and was JUST about to email you the list of things to do and see on O'ahu when I see that you are no longer on O'ahu. And based on your giddyness to get off the island, I'd say your time there never got much better. So sorry to hear that, but happy you're back in your happy place :)

Also, I'm not from O'ahu, just spent several months there for school and it became my second home. Also also, thanks for your kind words about me working in the NICU. Maybe someday we'll be fortunate enough to work with each other ;)

Merry Christmas!