Thursday, March 19, 2009

cultural infusion.

One of the many cultural infusions I have discovered in LA is the amount of amazing live music this county possesses and the ultra cool venues these performances are held at! A few weeks ago Carly, Kristy and I attended the album launch party of Mishka, Matthew McConaughey's raggaeton prodigy who has an incredible story to go with his awesome music... that is if you can understand what he is saying. Joe Firstman and Brian Wright of Last Call with Carson Daly's house band (where Carly has returned to working the past couple of months ... this photog is from the tour she gave Jess and I of the NBC studios before getting us VIP seats to Jay Leno last Friday) play random shows all the time in fun venues here, too. While attending one of their shows, I discovered the amazing talent of their opener, Austin Hartley-Leonard... he is phenom! The show has taken a new spin on focusing on unknown artists and I have attended a couple of tapings, one of which was for Robert Francis. Other artists Carly has worked with recently include Robin Thicke, Adelle, Kings of Leon, T.I. and Chris Cornell. My favorite show I've seen in the past couple of months was Josh Kelley on St. Patty's Day where he gave yet another incred performance at Hotel Cafe... and yes, his wife (Katherine Heigl) was in attendance again! But the concert I am most looking forward to is Britney Spears in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand at the end of April!! I highly recommend all of these amaz artists! =)

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