Friday, March 20, 2009

metro station.

When Jess and I tried to avoid traffic to get to the Staples Center downtown to go the Kings game Monday night, we decided to try out the metro. Always somewhat afraid of public transportation (as the only p.t. I grew up with was a trolley that took you to the beach) it was super scary at first... it smelled kind of funny, I have no form of self-defense... but now I am obsessed with this eco-friendly way of travelling!! I just hop on the train, read the latest NY Times Bestseller (the metro ticket makes the perfect bookmark) and people watch and take in all the interesting folks public transportation attracts. The metro station is within walking distance of my apt and it only takes 3 stops underground to get to work which takes approximately eleven minutes.... sometimes it would take me eleven minutes just to get on the highway to drive 6 miles to work. My colleagues have started calling me RN-E (Registered Nurse-Environmentalist!) for all the silly ways I try to single-handedly save the Earth. When riding the metro, I was reminded of a picture I took of Jordan in NYC on the subway a couple summers ago ... Who would of thought that while Jord was lost in a sexy spread of the Beckhams, the girl next to him would be reading the biography of our future president?! 

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