Tuesday, March 31, 2009

who you know.

L to R: Joey, Kara, me, Carly and Kevin
It's not about what you know in life... it's who you know that really helps you get by... and I know a friend of a friend who holds season tickets to the LA Kings! The view from the 9th row was dramatically different from last week's seats when Jess was here where she, Paige and I saved money by buying nosebleeds to afford to go to a nice sushi dinner before the game and to afford drinking hazelnut beers during the game... we had a lot of fun up high in the rafters with a rugby team from Vancouver but tonight, Joey (a good friend from high school that works at a very swirly golf course out here and therefore has a lot of connections to swirly people and their swirly lifestyles!) hooked us up with 6 seats nine rows up from the ice... it was fabulous! Aside from the fact that I still have never made it for a puck drop, only recently have learned that frosting and icing are not interchangeable terms like they are in baking, will probably always cringe at the first sign of a fight (even though I don't personally know any of the players) and will never understand how the guys know when their line is supposed to be on the ice (or how they dress themselves in those uniforms!) ... besides, it's not what you know that counts anyways... I've really come to love the game of hockey! =) btw... Auntie Paul, you'll be happy to know your adorable t-shirts were advertised on the big screen at the game tonight!! =)

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