Thursday, February 24, 2011

47 kinds of blog failure + {my apologies}

I forgot to swoon on Sunday. I was too confused to celebrate on Monday. I let Reese turn five-months-old on Tuesday without mention. I negligently failed to wish my cousin a happy birthday on Wednesday. (Happy belated Birthday, Kev! I miss you + I hope all twenty-seven of your wishes came true!) .

That brings us to today, Thursday. I have no playlists coming your way. I have no photographs to post. I have no coming-of-age wisdom to share. All I've got is 47 kinds of blog failure this week.
{My apologies.}

My mind is racing in a thousand directions and I am hoping by the end of tomorrow I will know which direction to confidently set out in Monday morning... a small step quantum leap out of retirement unemployment and in the right direction... one that will enable me to start living in the present and stop fretting about the future... for my future will be now, for a fleeting moment

There is too much on my plate that I need to make sense of before I can even begin to blog it out. I've started 700 posts in the last 2 weeks... of which none went anywhere as I couldn't stay focused on one thread long enough to make it a coherent thought (apparently, my attention span is on holidays, too!)

All the doors are closed, so to speak but they are on the brink of bursting wide open again! I am certain that something over-the-moon FABULOUS is in the works that will kick off the next chapter with fireworks and confetti showers and eloquently write the next hundred pages so in the meantime (Read: In Between Time), here is a mish-mash preview of the posts to come:

Spring is just around the corner. I cannot wait to relish in the animation that accompanies the fresh blooms and baby birds that will arrive in the upcoming month. 

I have gone from being unemployed to having three job offers in three entirely different parts of the country where my three other halves live: Tampa, Los Angeles and Nashville. All in a week. Meant to be? I think so.

I have an awesome tutorial for you... which may include newspaper... and Vodka.

I have been woken up at sunrise for the past five days thanks to nature's alarm clock: a wood pecker. If I figure out a way to capture the REM-stealing devil outside my window, I will gleefully catalyze the link in the food chain (think shiny, silver gun!) that went missing by the declawing of the house cat, Zoe... in exchange for a few extra zzz's .

For the first time in my life, I am appreciative of Florida: The Tourist Mecca... for I am one of them + loving every silly moment of it. Learning to drive. Crowding the restaurants. Packing the beaches. Coming Soon! My Ode to Florida.
{I wonder when my Ode to Winnipeg will manifest itself?}

I reinstated my license today. It expires on my thirtieth birthday.       {Cue quarter-life crisis.}

I lived at Disney World for an entire week last week. Like literally that was my address. I even had mail delivered there. Who else can say that they were actually a resident of the Magic Kingdom once in their lifetime? Besides Mickey. & Minnie.

I have been running. I ran an entire 10 miles this week... which if you divide by 5 (days) is really not a lot for my usual self but considering the fact its more miles than I ran in all of twenty-ten... I'm feeling pretty good... well not my quads/calves but my insides... they feel exercised + awesome.

I let go. My heart has been so heavy recently with the weight of the New Year, presenting no opportunities for a fresh start but two weeks ago I hit the rock they call bottom while simultaneously being catapulted out of the rut that left me stagnant + holding on all winter. It was an insanely emotional roller coaster but I am proud to have found the courage to let go of the lap bar, arms freely flowing in the wind as I was whipped + winded around and proverbially enjoyed the ride. I think my own new year will start with the changing of seasons and I'm certain another SoU(L)Cast is in the very near future.

For the first time in such a long, long time, I'm all right again.

For enduring that incredibly vague life update, I will leave you with this little bit of sunshine, the rose-coloured kind... the medium I have used all week to sort out my life that currently parallels the three rings of a circus: Barefoot Beach. It is in this serene setting that I have kicked back in a beach chair, inhaled the salty breeze of the Gulf, absorbed the UVs and pondered all of these things, all at once:
Ironically calming, isn't it?

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