Wednesday, February 16, 2011

wish you were here!


It's Reese & I's last hoorah! this week and we're definitely going out with a bang! I've abandoned my watch + completely lost all sense of time. We roll out of bed, slide in to our beach attire (sundresses for me, rompers for Reese) + beeline for the pool every morning. We return smelling like coconuts and rejuvenated from the ample dose of Vitamin D we've just soaked in. I found myself saying, "Hey there, tan lines! Oh, how I've missed you!" to a bikini-clad self in the mirror today... "Welcome back!" We are enjoying simple luxuries like having fresh linens delivered + our bed turned down for us each day. We've only consumed drinks made of pureed fruit (Reese in the form of baby food, mine in the form of coladas). We have done nothing but relax. We must be on holidays + we absolutely wish you were here! =)

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Anonymous said...

I am so envious!!! It is only -22 today. Grams