Sunday, February 13, 2011

Swoon Sunday: I'm so glad I'm not married...

... yet! Because if I was, I wouldn't have been able to rock one of these AH-MAZING gowns (coming out tomorrow) down the aisle!! When Carly e-mailed me earlier this week a link to a sneak peak of Anthropologie's new bridal line BHLDN {what can I say? She's a girl after my own heart!}, it was love at first sight!!
Remember how I said that I spent a lot of time the last year of my life in book stores drinking coffee? Well, what I failed to mention was that I was reading bridal magazines while I sat amongst the paperbacks sipping my piping hot lattes, jotting down Etsy websites + picking out colour schemes.
Its Sunday so it feels appropriate to confess: my wedding day may already be planned, frilly details + all. {Cue string quartet.} I know what you're thinking.
& yes, I am fully aware that I recently became single again.
What I meant to say is everything is planned... except for the groom. minor detail; no biggie. But if you happen to know anyone who'd be interested in getting married in a field in Banff while wearing a bow tie + eating cheesecake lollipops, send them my way.
Where is that? you ask. Don't have a clue... no worries; not stressed at all. There's no room for anxiety in this post... back to the dresses + back to the swooning! 
And to my rockstar bridal party of besties, these little numbers are for you 
+ you + you + you! 
Look at those shoes! Are they not just scrumptious?? 
 And lastly, the accessories!! The glittery shoes + vintage necklaces + extravagant hair pieces... AH-MAZING! SoSoSo in love!! 
The day I get to don one these gorge gowns + float down the aisle is a LONG way off but hey! A girl can dream. And although I may not be anywhere close to tying the knot, I am so glad these two did!! =)
I am off to get comfy cozy in my bed in Florida + watch the Grammys with my sista and Reese! 
Must rest up for my busy week ahead: laying by the pool + riding the monorail that runs right through our hotel over +over again... can you guess where we are??
I'll give you a hint: I spy with my little green eye a castle from our hotel! 
Hope you had a weekend as fabulous as mine! 
 Happy swooning, y'all!

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