Wednesday, February 09, 2011

more cribbage please... sans the gurney.

Words cannot describe how wonderful the friends are that I have in my life... truly, they cannot... but perhaps these photographs speak for themselves, in a way that doesn't need adjectives to do the describing.
... just the best of friends, reading damnyouautocorrect, cracking jokes, dominating board games... completely forgetting that blood is being drawn, IVs are being inserted, diagnostic tests are running...

... a special kind of love that fills the room + drowns out the chaos to make for a very, peaceful emergency... + allows you to keep calm + carry on {smiling} in a sacred-kinship-kind-of-way.
No fever spike or attack of anxiety could ever disturb it. 
Here's to many more cribbage tournaments together... sans the gurney. MALYTAB

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