Friday, September 23, 2011

an autumnesque afternoon + thoughts on Fall.

Today is the first day of Fall and while I have been in complete denial... soaking up every drop of sunshine in this 75 degree weather... that this summer will eventually come to an end, today I woke up (back on the West Coast) with a sudden change of heart regarding the change of seasons. I have had the absolute greatest summer but as the days are getting shorter, the nights getting cooler and the air getting crisper, I am suddenly {re}aware of just how much I love Autumn and all the turning-over-a-new-leaf-ness that accompanies the welcoming of Fall.  
I love change. I live for change. And Fall brings the best kinds of change. The change of weather. The change of wardrobe. The change of routine. The change of pace as life adds a little more responsibility and a little less free time... with the beginning of Autumn quarter and the sun setting earlier + earlier.  
I work the next three nights. My birthday is on Monday. Graduate school starts on Tuesday. My renewed contract begins on Wednesday. I work a day shift on Thursday... {my reward to myself if I survive is a little Keith Urban when I get off that night!} =) I will be certified to insert PICC lines on Friday... and then I will work the 3 nights after that before flying back to Tennessee for a little leaf-turning "Welcome Fall!" extravaganza with Kara, Grams and Reesey!  Fall forward, baby.
The long, hot days of summer may be coming to an end but I'm finally getting in to the swing of Autumn, embracing the fabulous Fall changes ahead. I'm ready for the wooly feel of boots/hoodies/scarves, the scent/taste of pumpkin spice/cinnamon wreaths, the sound of crunching of leaves and looking forward to the official start to grad school this week.  Happy Fall, y'all! 

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