Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{official} first day of school.

Today was the official start of {grad} school at the Dub & because my mum was not in Seattle to ask me how my first day of school was when I got home this evening, I thought I'd tell her about it via me blog... This message goes out to New Mexico. 

Well Ma, 
I put on navy tights under my favourite Fall dress from H&M, strapped up those awesome brown boots I stole from Kara and headed out the door early this morning to attend the school of nursing orientation. I took advantage of the free coffee provided, sat in a huge auditorium with fellow peers, made a new friend and took notes all day long about all the little details of the HUGE commitment I have made for the next six quarters, eighteen months, 1.5 years... I had a meeting this afternoon with the program coordinator and started dreaming of all the different places this adventure could potentially take me... San Diego, Alaska, Honolulu... seriously? I picked the right program, fo' real.  
Afterwards, I ventured around campus, earbuds blaring Lady Antebellum {if my heart could write songs, it would have written their new album over this past year. Especially this song. & this one. I digress...} taking in the atmosphere filled with excitement as the 40,000+ undergraduates started their new semesters. My, how I wish I could go back to my freshman year. Those were the glory days, for certain. 
UW's campus is incredible, though. There's so much history engrained in the cobblestone that was laid 150 years ago. The trees are massive and their canopy of leaves protected me perfectly from the rainy weather that has replaced my sweet sunshine. The ancient buildings make me feel like I'm wandering around the set of a Harry Potter movie. It's amazing.   
Wish me luck balancing work + school full-time this semester; I can still procrastinate like its nobody's business. Did I mention it is the #1 nursing school in the country? If vested interest in meeting the individual needs of their students has anything to do with the rating, I understand why they're at the top. Is it weird that my professors feel more like friends after just the first day? 
I think I'm really going to love it here... but if you could come visit me and pack my tin lunchbox full of Surfer Cooler Capri Suns, Fruit by the Foots and Oatmeal Cream Pies like you did in elementary school, I'd really love it! 
I know you said yesterday that me growing up is making you old but don't worry, I'll always be your little girl at heart, the one who swears ham sandwiches taste better when you make them.
Love, Squirt {future NNP}

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