Saturday, September 03, 2011

Game Day: a tribute.

This is GAME DAY.
It's the rush that fills the stadium as the Gator football team runs out of the tunnel...
into Ben Hill Griffin Stadium...
...where only Gator{girl}s get out alive!
This is the SWAMP.
We bleed orange & blue. 
Its knowing the words to every chant & cheer... 
... and never missing a CHOMP... 
... no matter how small. {Baby Gator!}
Home of the... F L O R I D A  G A T O R S!!
It's Mr. 2 Bits. It's Albert & Alberta.
We ARE {arm-in-arm} the girls of Old Florida.
It's a perfectly applied cheeker.
It's a High Five for a touchdown!
It's a tailgate.
"Oh my!" - Mick Hubert
It's a Blue Moon at Swamp... the juke box plays on.
It's a flip cup victory in Death Valley.
It's a victory dance party in our living room.
Work em' silly, Gators!
The Gator Nation is everywhere!
In Baton Rouge... Geaux Gators!!
In Jacksonville... for Florida/Georgia!
It's a little bit of rivalry!
And a conversion of Canadians...
GATOR FOOTBALL SEASON IS finally HERE... and there's no greater time of year when

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~Rachel said...

Very cute! Love all your dresses for the games! Even though I am not a Gator fan, I totally appreciate the team spirit! So much fun!